who we are

Our History


FTBA is headquartered at 1007 DeSoto Park Drive in the Florida Transportation Center, which houses a full-time staff dedicated to fulfilling FTBA’s mission. Owned by FTBA, the Center is also home to the Asphalt Contractors Association of Florida and is conveniently located minutes from the Florida Department of Transportation. The Association is governed by its officers and board, as well as directors from each Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) district. In addition, the Chairman appoints seven District Committee Chairmen, who serve in a liaison and advisory capacity, as representatives of each section of the state.


FTBA has gone through two main name changes since its official titling of the “Florida Transportation Builders’ Association” in 1974. In 1933, FTBA organized originally as the “Florida Section, American Road Builders’ Association” and in 1946 the Association was incorporated as the “Florida Road Builders’ Association, Inc.”


For more than 85 years, FTBA’s members have consisted of individuals and business firms actively engaged in the construction of transportation systems or in the furnishing materials, equipment or services for such construction.

Our Mission

Connect Our Industry

FTBA members have a network of industry leaders at their fingertips, providing for opportunities to discuss issues affecting the industry and build lasting relationships. FTBA represents hundreds of members and is the transportation construction industry’s watchdog. Speaking with one, strong voice, FTBA leaders are recognized as THE state and national spokespeople for the transportation construction industry in Florida.

Support Our Industry

FTBA provides continued education opportunities to hone the development of skills and knowledge among those people planning, constructing and designing transportation facilities. FTBA provides input into the development, modification and updating of FDOT specifications.

Promote Our Industry

FTBA’s goal is to foster public understanding and support for an efficient, effective and totally integrated transportation system including air, highway, local streets and roads, railroads, and public mass transit systems through promotion of the industry. FTBA promotes the finest in transportation, while encouraging the highest degree of honesty and integrity among contractors, suppliers, engineers, and public officials in the industry.

Explore Our Industry

FTBA continually investigates the feasibility and advancement of applications for new technology, equipment, techniques, procedures, and systems for planning, financing, designing, constructing, maintaining and operating transportation systems. FTBA continuously looks into alternatives for improvement to the economic, social, environmental, political, and safety challenges surrounding the transportation needs of the State of Florida.

Antitrust Policy

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