board of directors


*Chairman: Keith Waugh, Leware Construction Company of Florida, Inc.
*President: Ananth Prasad, FTBA
*Chairman-Elect: Scott Pittman, Ajax Paving Industries of Florida, LLC
*Secretary-Treasurer: Kevin Hicks, Gator Grading & Paving, LLC
*Immediate Past Chairman: Henry Mayfield, M of Tallahassee, Inc.


*Joe Anderson III, Anderson Columbia Co., Inc.
Joe Beaird, GLF Construction Corporation
Rusty Birchall, Cone & Graham, Inc.
Jack Calandros, Prince Contracting, LLC
Danny Carr, Southland Construction, Inc.
Tom Craft, Hubbard Construction Company
Jim Davis, Jr., Jr. Davis Construction Company, Inc.
Kristina de Moya, The de Moya Group, Inc.
Bob Flowers, CWR Contracting, Inc.
Scott Fowler, Ranger Construction Industries, Inc.
Daniel Halley, Halley Engineering Contractors, Inc.
*John Hooper, Preferred Materials, Inc.
*Rick Kontos, Traffic Management Solutions, Inc.
Curtis Long, P & S Paving, Inc.
Donald Long, Panhandle Grading & Paving, Inc.
Brent Marley, Condotte America, LLC
Pat McGriff, The Lane Construction Corporation
Bobby Naik, Superior Construction Company Southeast, LLC
Matt Persing, Archer Western Construction, LLC
Enrique Tomeu, Siboney Contracting Company
Jarred Williford, J.B. Coxwell Contracting, Inc.
*Executive Committee

Directors At Large

Happy Alter, Bob's Barricades, Inc.
Lou Buenaventura, Highway Safety Devices, Inc.
Kristy Hernandez, Blackrock Asphalt Co.

District Committee Chairmen

District No. 1: Nicholos Georgi, Linder Industrial Machinery Co.
District No. 2: Todd Vencil, Vulcan Materials Company
District No. 3: Jamie Saalfield, Beard Equipment Company
District No. 4: David Wilson, Cemex, Inc.
District No. 5: Phil Ireland, Ring Power Corporation
District No. 6: David Erkelens, Kelly Tractor Company
District No. 7: Bob Clark, Tampa Steel Erecting Company
Member At-Large: Tommy Ball, Alta Equipment Company
Member At-Large: Mike Shea, LassiterWare Insurance