FTBA Socials

What is a FTBA Social?

A FTBA Social is intended to be a peer group of professionals and contractors in the Road Building industry. This is an opportunity to get to know the people, with whom we do business in a social setting, develop new relationships between Contractors, Designers, Consultants and the FDOT, continue developing a sense of trust between these parties and continuing to make this business fun.

Where are FTBA Socials held?

FTBA Socials are typically held in Northeast Florida (Jacksonville), Southeast Florida (Broward and Palm Beach), Southwest Florida (Ft. Myers), Tampa and Orlando.

Who should I speak to about FTBA Socials?

FTBA Socials are planned on a local basis. Questions regarding social details and social sponsorships can be directed to the social coordinator(s) in each area. Please note that only FTBA members can sponsor a social.


Northeast Socials

David Blair, Superior Construction Company
(904) 292-4240

Brandy Agee, Universal Engineering Sciences, Inc.
(904) 371-0202

Southeast Socials

Carrie Jean Weekley, Weekley Asphalt Paving, Inc.
(954) 444-1065

Palm Beach
Claudia Mendez, Ranger Construction Industries, Inc.
(561) 719-0113

Southwest Socials

Mike Monahan, Highway Safety Devices, Inc.
(239) 489-4114

Tampa Socials

Jeff Nelson, David Nelson Construction Company

Scott Pittman, Ajax Paving Industries of Florida, LLC

Rusty Birchall, Cone & Graham, Inc.

Orlando Socials

Jeff Mairs, Jr. Davis Construction Company, Inc.
(407) 791-3130

Roger Kramer, CEMEX, Inc.
(407) 832-5177

Gainesville Socials

Seyi Falade, Cornerstone Barricades, Inc.
(352) 373-8001
Florida Transportation Builders’ Association, Inc. Antitrust Compliance Policy
The FTBA follows a policy of strict compliance with Federal and State antitrust laws. Neither the Association nor any of its members will engage in any conduct in restraint of trade. Members will not discuss pricing, bidding intentions, costs of doing business, market areas, boycotting customers, terms and conditions of sale or credit, or any factor that relate to competition among them.