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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Important Documents & Files

SLIDES: Families First Coronavirus Response Act
SLIDES: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Webinar: Special Update for FTBA Members - March 18, 2020
Ogletree Deakins Coronavirus (COVID-19) Client Resource Flyer as of March 18, 2020
Ogletree Deakin Coronavirus (COVID-19) Online Resource Center
• ARTBA-CISC COVID-19 Checklist (English) (Spanish)
• ARTBA-CISC COVID-19 Toolbox Talk (English) (Spanish)
• ARTBA-CISC COVID-19 Exposure Prevention, Preparedness, and Response Plan (English) (Spanish)
• DOL Poster for FFCRA Compliance - Employee Paid Leave Rights Poster (English) (Spanish)
• DOL Poster for FFCRA Compliance - Employer Paid Leave Requirements Poster (English) (Spanish)
FDOT Essential Personnel Letter
FMCSA Guidance on Drug and Alcohol Testing Requirements
DOT Guidance on Drug and Alcohol Testing
• FMCSA Extension of Expired CDLs (Waiver) (Enforcement Notice)
EEOC Guidance on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and COVID-19
• DOL Temporary Rule on FFCRA (Full Rule Details) (Webinar)
FAQ's Regarding DeSantis' EO 20-19
• April 7th Webinar: The CARES Act: What Does This Mean for Small Business Loans? (Webinar Video) (Slides) (CARES Act Loan Overview Chart)
• April 8th Webinar: COVID-19 Legal Update on Worker Safety and the New Paid Leave Requirements (Webinar Video) (Slides) (Ogletree Deakins COVID-19 Client Resources)
• OSHA COVID-19 Guidance for the Construction Workforce Flyer (English) (Spanish)
DOL Quick Tips Poster for FFCRA Benefits
PPP Loan Forgiveness Application
SLIDES: The Math on PPP Loan Forgiveness
PPP: How to Calculate Maximum Loan Amounts by Business Type

Mask Requirement Updates

Florida  face mask orders as of June 24, 2020:
• Alachua County (View Details)
• Broward County (View Details)
• Gadsden County (View Details)
• Hillsborough County (View Details)
• Leon County(View Details)
• Martin County (View Details)
• Miami Dade (View Details) (View Article) (View Article)
• Monroe County (View Details)
• Orange County (View Details)
• Osceola County (View Details)
• Palm Beach County (View Details)
• Pasco County (View Details)
• Pinellas County (View Details)
• Tampa (View Details)


Construction Best Practices

In addition to the guidance provided by the Florida Department of Health and the CDC, below are some Construction Best Practices that have been adopted by field staff:

1. No “tailgate meetings” or “water cooler meetings”
2. Safety Meetings should be held in groups of 10 or less and should observe 6’ personal distance
3. No ride sharing
4. No meals eaten in job trailers
5. All lunch waste, bottles and cans should be disposed of immediately after use.
6. No community coffee pots in field offices
7. Dedicated PPE (especially things like flotation vests)
8. No “loaner” hard hats
9. Eliminate shared use pens and pencils in the reception area
10. Provide disposable paper cups at drinking stations
11. Wear gloves when operating equipment and if possible, limit one operator to a piece of equipment. Sanitize controls after use.
12. No sharing hand tools
13. Set up hand cleaning or sanitizing stations at various locations on the site, ideally near port-o-lets
14. Put your clothing directly in the washing machine at the end of shift
15. Limit number of workers in confined spaces as much as possible
16. When fueling vehicles, utilize gloves and hand sanitizer
17. Conduct labor interviews verbally, from a safe distance, with no signature required
N95 Masks - Consider Donations to Local Hospitals

Per the President's press conference on March 17th, Vice President Mike Pence urged construction companies to donate construction-grade N95 masks to local hospitals and forego additional orders as the nation’s hospitals work to procure masks for healthcare workers. “We would make one specific request, and that is we would urge construction companies to donate their inventory of N95 masks to your local hospital and forego additional orders of those industrial masks,” Pence said, adding, “Those industrial masks that they use on construction sites are perfectly acceptable for healthcare workers to be protected from a respiratory disease.”

He reiterated, “We’re asking construction companies that our President knows very well from his background, we’re asking them to donate to their local hospitals and also forego making additional orders.”


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