2018 Construction Conference Presentations


As-Built Deliverables – FDOT Transportation Systems Management & Operations
Bakers Haulover Cut Bulkhead Rehabilitation – Joaquin (Jake) Perez, PE
Bolting Torque, Tension, and Other Considerations – George W. Tedder III, PE, CWI, PCI
CEI Risk Based Inspection – Michael J. Gwynne, PE
Central Florida Expressway Authority Work Plan Overview – Glenn Pressimone, PE & Will Hawthorne, PE
CFCC Update – Yoshiaki Yamamoto
CFX: Construction Oversight History and Current Direction – Ben Dreiling
Contracts Administration Office – FDOT
Digital Signatures: How to Install Sign Validate – Ashley Anderson, PE
Digital Signatures: What Why How – Ashley Anderson, PE
Driven to Make A Difference – David May
Effective Use of Mobile Devices in Construction
E-Ticketing Pilot Projects – John Westphal, PE & Richard Hewitt, PE
FDOT District 7 Major Projects – Bill Jones, PE
FDOT e-Construction Overview – Amy Tootle, PE
FDOT Work Program Overview – Brian Blanchard
First Coast Expressway
GFRP Rebar Case Study – Daniel Dymarkowski
Guide Specifications for GFRP Reinforcing CSA S807 – Dr. Brahim Benmokrane, PE
Guide Specifications for GFRP Reinforcing Part 1 – Antonio Nanni, PhD, PE
Halls River Bridge Update – Antonio Nanni, PhD, PE
Haulover Bridge Rehab – Melissa DeZayas, PE, Dru Badri, PE, Ivan Hay, PE, & Jose Morales, PE
I-4 Beyond the Ultimate – Beata Stys-Palasz, PE
I-275 Sunshine Skyway Rest Areas and Seawall Repairs – Andra Diggs II
Internal Traffic Control Planning – Eric Green
Internal Traffic Control Plans: MOT Best Practices – The Middlesex Corporation
LESS Session: CEI Training for Intelligent Transportation Systems – Russell Allen, PE
Major Projects Overview: Miami-Dade Expressway Authority
Medical Marijuana and Workplace Safety Legal Issues – Phillip Russell
MOT Session – Daniel Strickland, PE, Olivia Townsend, EI, Gevin McDaniel, PE, & Ed Cashman, PE
Port Miami Tunnel Workforce Development – Jacqueline Sequeira & Chris Hodgkins
Segregation Study Update – Howie Moseley
Smoothness Update – Richard Hewitt, PE
Specifications Update – Dan Hurtado, PE
Standard Plans for Road and Bridge Construction – Derwood Sheppard, PE
Standard Plans FTBA Training – Richard Stepp, PE
Steel Fabrication and Construction Practices – Tim McCullough & Steve Duke
Structures Specifications for Bridge Construction Issues: EAR Specs – John Westphal, PE
Tampa Bay Next Workforce Development Initiative – Bill Jones, PE & Ed McKinney
Unintended Consequences: How Reduced Instrumentation and Monitoring of Mass Concrete Structures Can Lead to Increased Cracking and Reduced Durability – Dale DeFord, Adrian Lawrence, & Chris Ferraro
What’s New with Project Solve SharePoint – Quinton Tillman, PE
Workforce Development Presentation – Urban Construction Craft Academy